Can you escape in time?

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What's an Escape Experience?

The Escape Experience is a fun new entertainment activity located in the heart of Downtown Charleston, just a few blocks from the Historic Charleston Choo Choo. Each escape scenario is a real-life interactive adventure designed for groups of friends, family or co-workers. Your objective is simple; with only 60 mind-bending minutes you must work together, find clues, decode messages and solve problems to unlock the door to freedom. Book today and see if you have what it takes to escape.

Perfect Amusement For:

Chattanooga Escape Experience for Gamers and Geeks

Gamers & Geeks

You’re pretty smart and you’ve proven your ability to unlock that next level online. But can you perform in real life? Take it up a notch - a LIVE escape challenge. Pull the digital action and adventure you love online into a real-world setting. Do you have what it takes to find clues, solve ciphers, crack codes, and use your skills to get out?

Chattanooga Escape Experience for Friends and Family

Friends & Family

Break the norm! Turn off the TV and make some real-life memories together! The Escape Experience is the perfect way to spend quality social time with family and friends. An escape attempt from one of our cleverly designed rooms is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. If you're tired of just staring at screens, then this is the challenge for you.

Chattanooga Escape Experience for Tourist and Travelers

Travelers & Tourists

You’ve seen the historic sites and walked around the streets long enough. Now you’re ready to try the latest and most exciting attraction in town. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, the Charleston themed Escape Experience is a must stop destination, something you will not want to miss, and the most fun-filled hour you’ll have in the city.

Chattanooga Escape Experience Makes A Great Date

A Fun Date Night!

You took her to a dinner and movie three times already! Now the pressure's on for you to come up with something new and exciting. You don't dance - so that’s out. Lucky for you, the Escape Experience has moved into town. She’ll think you’re smart for suggesting it, and she’ll tell all her friends what a great date you are. Yeah, I know... You're welcome.

Charleston Escape Experience is good for team-building.

Team Building!

Enhance group communication and foster teamwork in just one hour or less while learning to work collaboratively in this action packed pursuit of shared achievement. The Escape Experience concept is a recognized form of corporate team building entertainment in Europe and Asia. Now this fun group development activity is available to companies in Charleston.

Things to do in Chattanooga is great for special events.

Special Moments!

Bachelorette Parties. Birthdays. New Year's Eve? Whatever the case, break the ice and loosen things up by spending one hour with us. Our escape scenarios are sure to be an adventure you'll be talking about for weeks to come. If you're celebrating and looking for something fun and hip to do in Charleston, there's an excellent chance that the Ecape Experience is for you.

Charleston's Escape Scenarios

Escape Experience Scenario One

Escape Experience Charleston - C-Block Prison Room
Completion Rate: 42%
Best Escape: 26:28 (Remaining) | 03/06/15

C-Block Book This Experience

Synopsis: Ever wonder if you have what it takes to break out of prison? Here's your chance to find out! You are in prison for a crime you didn't commit. Serving a life sentence all hope seems lost until a daring escape plan is set in motion for you by a friend on the inside. But there is only a small window of time (1 hour) to see it through. Unfortunately, you don’t know the whole plan, but luckily there were clues left for you to find. You will just have to figure it out. Do you have what it takes to escape before your last chance at freedom is gone forever?

teamwork 80% teamwork
intellect 50% intellect
restraints 40% mystery / clue
tactile 75% tactile / physical
puzzle skills 65% puzzle skills

Escape Experience Scenario Two

Escape Experience Chattanooga - The Inheritance Room
Completion Rate: 27%
Best Escape: 13:47 (Remaining) | 02/19/15

The Inheritance Book This Experience

Synopsis: Recommended for groups of at least four (4) or more, this scenario is fun, but very challenging. Your distant uncle, who you barely knew and always considered odd has passed away suddenly. Unexpectedly, you are named in his Will and you are summoned to his home for the reading of it. Little do you know of the strange things your uncle has been up to and what he has in store for you. In a race against time, can you carry out your late uncle’s final wishes and escape with “it” before “they” come?

teamwork 40% Complete (success)
intellect 20% Complete
mystery / clue 60% Complete (warning)
fear 80% Complete (danger)
puzzle skills 85% puzzle skills


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